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Congratulations! You have found the spa that best suits you and your needs. Now what do you have to do to prepare for delivery of you spa? Give me a call and I will walk you through the preparations needed. However,  “if I’m sleeping”, the following general guidelines will briefly explain what to do.

First what are the dimensions of your spa? You will need to know this to clear an area large enough for your new spa, and to create a foundation for it.

-Cal Spas Escape Series

-Cal Spas Family II Series

EIII732B:  84” X 84” X 39 1/2”
EIII732L:  84” X 84” X 39 1/2”
EIII748L:  84” X 84” X 39 1/2”
EIII848L:  93” X 93” X 39 1/2”
EIII864L:  93” X 93” X 39 1/2”

FII515R:  78"R X 36"H
FII518S:  43" x 83" x 32"
FII520B:  54" x 78" x 31"
FII845L:  93" x 93" x 35"
FII845B:  93" x 93" x 35"
FII830L:  93" x 93" x 35"
FII830B:  93" x 93" x 35"

FII745L:  84" x 84" x 35"
FII745B:  84" x 84" x 35"
FII730L:  84" x 84" x 35"
FII730B:  84" x 84" x 35"


-Delivery Basics

In preparation for the delivery of your spa, be sure to have your home area ready. When we arrive, the tub will be on a spa dolly which makes maneuvering the spa easy. It gives us the ability to spin the spa on its side when needed in tight areas.

Spa on SpaDolly Trailer

Please do the following before we arrive, or contact me if you would like my guys to assist you in making an opening large
enough for the spa:

First make sure that there is a clear pathway that will be free of obstacles (such as overhanging tree limbs, awnings, protruding gas meters, water meters, and any A/C units), which could apprehend the moving in process. It may also be necessary to momentarily remove a gate, part of a fence, or other objects or structures so that the spa can be dollied into the desired location.  If the path that you will have laid out for the delivery consists of any turns of 90 degrees or more, check and make sure that the measurement of the spa will fit within the space you have allowed. If there are tight areas, they need to be at least 39 ½” wide for the bigger tubs and 31 ½” wide for the smaller tubs. Also, make sure the there is enough height area for the tub. To do this, add an extra inch more than the tub on each side so that we can slide the tub through.

-Site Selection

1) Avoid choosing a site where excessive water may come in contact with the spa. (i.e., sprinklers, roof without a gutter system, etc.)

2) Prevent dirt, sand, and other foliage from being tracked into your spa by utilizing concrete, concrete pavers, etc.

3) Consider privacy. If you are placing your tub in a surrounding of trees for shade in the summer, be aware that you will lose some of that privacy in the winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

4) Consider the winter winds, During the winter, the winds blow from the north and the west. By strategically placing your spa and covermate (i.e.. Position the spa on the south side of your house and your covermate on the west side of the spa), you can enjoy being in the spa without the need of a stocking cap.

-Site Preparation

In order to have the proper setup for your spa, you need to have a good, solid foundation that will be supported by a flat, stable, consistent subsurface. The area beneath the spa to be needs able to support the weight of the spa itself, its water, and its occupants. (A spa can be as much as 6,000lbs, plus the weight of the occupants.) An inadequate foundation may settle or shift after the spa has been set into place, causing stress to the spa’s shell.

Concrete foundations should be a minimum of 4” thick and should be referenced with either rebar or mesh.
-Prepare a Good Foundation
  •  Place the spa on an elevated foundation so that the water drains away from it.
  •  If you install indoors, pay close attention to the flooring. Remember, a spa filled with water can cause moisture damage.
  •  A spa filled with water is heavy. If you are installing on an elevated structure, it is recommended that consult a contractor
     or structural engineer.
  •  Your surface must not have more than 1” slope.
-Electrical Safety Requirements

When installing a spa, they must be in accordance with national and local wiring rules. It is highly advisable that a licensed Electrician performs the electrical installation. See suggested certified electrician on home page. All wire should be buried or in conduit to the point where the wire enters the spa.
-Overhead Power Lines

Required by the national and local wiring rules that apply to your area, you will need to install your spa at the required minimum horizontal and vertical distances from all power lines.
-Electrical Setup


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